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The billion dollar advertising sales, marketing and technology company.

The sales division that brings advertisers national and local opportunities online, on mobile and on Xbox Live.

We provide a connection to over 80 million online, cable, telco and satellite subscribers, nationally and locally in all 210 US markets with access to a wide range of multi-screen platforms.

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NCC Media is one organization that is owned by cable industry leaders – Comcast, Cox Media and Time Warner Cable.

We represent virtually every multichannel program and internet provider in the US.

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The Power of Gateway Sites

More than half of all broadband homes get their internet service from their cable provider – and we've got 'em all!

Our Gateway Site Subscribers connect every day to check voicemail, review interactive TV listings and check email. When they want headlines, video, sports entertainment and weather they know where to go.

NCC offers engaging video, high impact and standard online executions to help you connect with the best consumers.

The homepages for over
60 million people

Xfinity Gateway COX Gateway Road Runner Gateway Verizon Gateway ATT Gateway

The 60+ million people that use their cable gateway site as their homepage view 5 billion total pages PER month! How big is that? In total that is more page views than weather.com.

NCC's gateway sites are massive and inherently local. We're the leaders in delivering consumer reach in virtually every market.

We're #1 among local sites in 25 of the top 30 DMAs (pageviews)

Digital ISP subscribers are where your best consumers live. They buy more of everything you have to sell.

NCC Digital: Las Vegas – Cox.net, Philadelphia - Comcast.net. Source: comScore Key Measures September 2012; NCC #1 in PV: comScore Local Key Measures, Local Media Sites, September 2012.

Las Vegas Ranking Philadelphia Ranking

Las Vegas


NCC Local Market Report

To see how we stack up in all 30 markets check out our local market profiles.

Select and download a local market profile.

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Research shows that only 20% of your page views on TV Station and Newspaper sites actually end up in the market you are targeting.

The impressions you run on NCC gateway sites stay in your intended market.

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Geo Targeting

The ads you place in Vegas stay in Vegas and are viewed only by people living there.

The ads you see online today depend largely on your internet source IP address. At the Zip Code level of IP-based targeting, 84% of your impressions intended for one Zip Code end up somewhere else.

NCC can segment markets using advanced technology to accurately target our subscribers. This allows advertisers to send a targeted message to particular clusters of consumers at the state, market, county and zip code level.

Target all broadband cable subscribers in every DMA with one buy.

Xfinity Gateway COX Gateway Road Runner Gateway

NCC makes it easy to capture online consumers in your target markets with scale and high impact executions. DMAX aggregates all cable gateway sites in each market so you can reach them all with one buy through NCC.

DMAX includes virtually every internet service provider including market leaders Xfinity.com, Cox.com, Roadrunner.com Verizon.net, Charter.com and Optimum.net.

NCC Digital +

Extend targeted audience reach.

Reach subscribers wherever they go on the internet.

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Flip through some of the wide range of quality sites we offer.

NCC Gateway Sites and NCC Digital A+

= more effective reach and more efficient ROI.

Precisely Target Your Audience

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Find users who fit the target lifestyle profile anywhere online.


Run in contextually relevant content, such as articles in sport article.


Place your ads on sites with relevant content for your consumers.

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Engage potential customers who already visited your site, and make sure more return.

NCC offers a full range of ad options to serve any marketing objective. Take a look at some of the options.

Push Down

Push Down

Banner Link

Banner Link

Remind Record

Remind Record

Standard In-Banner Video

Standard In-Banner Video

Expandable In-Banner Video

Expandable In-Banner Video

Integrate your digital campaign with cable TV media to access NCC sweepstakes & program sponsorships across multiple screens.

Your starting point for massive audience reach.

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